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About Banff Open Data

OGDI DataLab is an open source cloud-based Open Data Catalogue. This codebase represents an update to the original open source framework released by Microsoft Open Government Data Initiative (OGDI).

  • Data Service: a fully-functional API allowing programmatic access to the data. It serves up data using a number of different formats such as XML (oData/ATOM), KML, JSON, and JSONP that can be queried by variety of technologies & software.
  • Data Browser: a web interface to the data service with a visual way to browse, query, interact with and download data. It includes mapping & charting capabilities for slicing/dicing & visualizing geographic datasets.
  • Data Loader: a software utility used to import the data into the catalogue from CSV and KML formats. Users can load data from a client machine or also create a command-line access to load datasets dynamically from databases.

Banff Open Data Terms and Conditions

Introduction - You are encouraged to Use and re-Use Town of Banff Datasets available under this Licence, freely and flexibly, with only a few conditions. If you have any questions or comments about these Terms of Use, please feel free to contact us at Banff Open Data

Using Town of Banff Datasets under our Licence - Use of the Datasets made available under this Licence indicates Your acceptance of the terms and conditions below. The Town of Banff grants You a worldwide, royalty-free, perpetual, non-exclusive licence to Use the Datasets subject to the conditions below. This Licence does not affect Your right to Use the Datasets under fair dealing or any other applicable copyright exceptions and limitations.

You are free to - copy, publish, distribute and transmit the Datasets; Adapt the Datasets; Exploit the Datasets commercially, for example, by combining it with other Datasets, or by including it in Your own products or applications.

You must, where You do any of the above - Acknowledge the source of the Information by including any attribution statement specified by the Information Provider and, where possible, provide a link to this licence. If the Information Provider does not provide a specific attribution statement, or if you are using Information from several information providers and multiple attributions are not practical for your product or application, you must use the following attribution statement:Contains information licensed under the Open Government Licence – Banff.

Exceptions - This Licence does not cover the Use of: Personal Information in the Datasets; Town of Banff logos except where they form an integral part of a Dataset; third party rights the Town is not authorized to Licence; Datasets subject to intellectual property rights other than copyright, including patents, trademarks, and design rights.

No Warranty with Datasets - Datasets are presented ‘as is’ and the Town excludes all representations, warranties, obligations and liabilities in relation to the Datasets to the maximum extent permitted by law. The Town is not liable for any errors or omissions in the Datasets and will not, under any circumstances be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential, or other loss, injury or damage caused by their Use, even if specifically advised of the possibility of such loss, injury or damage. The Town does not guarantee the continued supply of the Datasets.

Governing Law - This Licence is governed by the laws applicable in the Province of Alberta.

Definitions - In this licence, the terms below have the following meanings: 'Dataset' means a collection of raw, non-manipulated data usually presented in tabular form with associated metadata, and is machine readable. Examples: What is a raw Dataset: a structured file format (including geospatial formats) that can be read by a machine, such as spreadsheets, comma delimited, Extensible Markup Language (XML), or JavaScript Object Notation (JSON). What is not a raw Dataset: a report, a flyer, a web application, a PDF document. anything that cannot be exported or Used by a machine. 'Machine Readable Data' means data that, in order to be understood, must be translated by a computer or other type of equipment. Portable document format (PDF) is not machine readable. 'Personal Information' as defined in the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act ‘Use’ means doing any act which is restricted by copyright, whether in the original medium or in any other medium, and includes, without limitation distributing, copying, adapting or modifying Dataset as may be technically necessary to Use it in a different mode or format. ‘You’ means the natural or legal person, or body of persons corporate or incorporate, acquiring rights under this licence

About the Open Data Licence - The Town of Banff wishes to Use this Licence as a tool to enable the Use and re-Use of Datasets. This Licence is based on the UK Government's Open Government Licence for Public Sector Information and the BC Government's Open Government Licence for Government of BC Information and the City of Toronto's Open Data Licence and has been adapted for the Town of Banff. This is version 2.0 of the Open Data Licence for Town of Banff. The Town may, from time to time, issue new versions of the Open Data Licence for Town of Banff Datasets. However, You may continue to Use Datasets previously licenced under this version should You wish to do so. Notices of new versions of the Open Data Licence for Town of Banff Datasets will be posted at the website.

If you have any questions or comments about the Town of Banff's Open Data initiative, please contact us at Banff Open Data.

Special Thanks

Thanks to - A special thanks to and specifically Miroslav Jeliaskoff who's time, patience, and knowledge was greatly appreciated in helping to publish this data catalogue. Thanks to Andrew Stewart at The City of Red Deer for helping to implement the option to download files in KML and Shapefile format.

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